You Had Me at 10…seconds that is.

You Had Me at 10…seconds that is.

I’m seeing more and more videos popping into my social news feed every day.

When I first started creating marketing videos seven years ago, they were escapades or rather episodes lasting anywhere from 3-7 minutes.  I thought they were spectacular, engaging, informational. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch me yakking and demo’ing the latest and greatest products I was showcasing?

What I didn’t know was they weren’t watching. I had no one’s attention. My audience was scrolling right on by. I saved this article attached some time ago and refer to it often to make certain that I’m holding onto my :60 sec or less snapshot moments designed to whet the appetite and leave the viewer begging for more.

Are you getting ready to load up that promotional marketing video to your social sites? Do a double take first, read this outstanding article written by Mary Pedersen, published in 2015. It still applies three years later. Put your message to the test.

More or Less, my point is Less is More. Can you do <60?

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