Kathy Whitburn, Kots 360 Marketing LLC

  • 30 Years of experience in cultivating strong business partnerships and building solid client relationships.
  • Highly skilled presenter who can effectively convey an energetic and positive consultative approach to client sales and marketing challenges.
  • Analytical Problem Solver with creative and critical thinking skills to provide real solutions.
  • Resourceful and Intuitive Multi-tasker for result driven options.
  • Global Experience in Market Development and Penetration.
  • Visionary Leader with Sights on Sustainability for Solid Results.

Throughout my 30 year career in Sales and Marketing, I have consistently provided a professional and positive approach to ensure success. Set on solid experience in the B2B environments, my positions have required the ability to connect with all members of a company from the CEO on down. With an analytical approach to detail but with personal flair, I believe that a relationship built approach attains the goals we all strive for.

With only 24 hours in a day, the ability to complete the day to day administrative tasks, sales follow up, research, marketing, proposals, presentations and so much more, can be a real struggle in today’s world. We understand this and our goal is to make your day more productive and profitable.

As your Executive Virtual Assistant, we provide you the back up so you can prospect more effectively, deliver that presentation, get that proposal out the door and not only capture your next client but keep them!

We believe in channeling an energetic passion for success. So go ahead…book that well-deserved vacation, we’ve got you covered!

Kathleen Whitburn

Marketing Consultant
Owner/Executive VA