Winner or Loser–It’s Your Next Move That Matters-Choices

Winner or Loser–It’s Your Next Move That Matters-Choices

It’s Your Next Move That Matters.

This has been a very controversial past few weeks for certain. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in the likes of Winners and Losers. Whether it’s on the political scene, the sports arena, the business world or the stock market, we all land somewhere within the spectrum of the balance beam.   No matter where you landed on that beam, somehow you will need to figure out your next move. Choices.


All day. Every day.  We make decisions that affect our lives personally, socially, professionally. Whether it’s choosing oatmeal for breakfast or the jelly donut that is eye-balling you.  You know what you should choose health wise but that sweet confection is a pretty, powerful tug.  Running a business is no different, there are continual temptations or interruptions to your day that can easily side track your path you chose for the day. Some situations are by your choice and others are due to someone else’s choice that then affects your path. And once again, we are challenged with rearranging and rethinking our time.  Your day requires discipline and determination to maintain a positive path. However, more importantly, it’s your flexibility that has the power to propel you further and where you ultimately land.


Our toolbox has changed dramatically in how we organize, manage and flex to tackle the choices of the day. From written planners to electronic dashboards, we have an endless array of bells and whistles to choose from.  We try. We buy. We cry. Wondering why a tool doesn’t meet our expectations to keep us on a forward path.  It’s them. Not me. Yet, we made that move.  Reflection can create the opportunity to re-evaluate our choice. Re-assess our options. Re-CHOOSE our direction. Because, after all, we are flexible that way!


Re-Capture Your Land of Opportunities

Our last article we looked at a Balanced Diet.  Looking at your Passive vs. Active Tasks, how did you fare?  Not so Good? Good? Better? Or are you nailing it!  Your list fills your toolbox with choices. Every Day.  Some tasks get done and others never seem to move at all.  Rolling over to the next day and the next; until they fall into the abyss completely out of reach, forever forgotten in the land of opportunities lost. It’s time to re-capture your day.

Yes, pick up that jelly donut, if you must, and then make the CHOICE to get back on your balance beam.


Cheers to Balancing YOUR Day!



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