Kick Start YOUR New Year’s Balanced Diet!

Kick Start YOUR New Year’s Balanced Diet!

Happy New Year! Are you staying warm?! It’s -18 here this morning. Uugghhh!

January is typically always the coldest month of the year in the U.P. of Michigan. Being a resilient people, our schools are open and business as usual. Although the sun is shining in the bright blue sky, the brisk cold brings snow squeaking when you walk across it and lingering chimney smoke hanging amongst the clouds, not to mention your nostrils freezing as you make your way!

Many people have asked WHY, Kathy? WHY, would you take on this next adventure? Professionally, Personally, Physically, Mentally, Socially? Are you crazy? Has the cold affected your brain? Maybe…or our days become blurred – melding from one mundane, stale task to another that is needed but not very productive in the day. Or possibly, it’s the knowledge of never getting around to taking a walk, having lunch with a friend or getting out of the office on time. Next thing you know, a new day arrives and we are still trying to figure out what yesterday provided to us.

I’m excited for the coming year. New adventures to enhance the old with an eye on keeping myself and others balanced during the hectic days of life.

In the past, I struggled for years with the “am I actually selling? or am I just maintaining?” What I found was I was so busy doing follow up, quotes, research, social media management and such, I couldn’t proactively be selling or prospecting for new business effectively. Next thing you know, I’m spending hours and hours on the phone or email or skyping or other messaging providing consultation and insight to help other executives and sales professionals who were struggling with the same challenges across various industries. So, finally, I decided to branch out as an EVA and provide my years of expertise that many busy executive sales professionals need to find balance and allow them to focus on achieving their goals, whether personal or professional.

Here’s YOUR New Year’s Balanced Diet: Grab your BLANK paper – yes, PAPER and PEN. Write down YOUR New Year’s Goal at the top of the page and then DRAW two columns: one call “Passive Tasks” and the other “Active Tasks” Over the next week, start writing down every task you do in your day under the column it falls under. No need to note how much time the task takes. Your answer will appear within a week, whether you need to find balance. Review those Passive Tasks that are sucking the time out of your day – you know, the ones that deter your ability to spend time meeting your goals but need to do consistently to maintain your schedule or your business. Those are the potential tasks you should assign out to an Executive Virtual Assistant.

Cheers to Balancing YOUR Day!


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