Who Woulda Thunk?! Re-Inventing Yourself as a Paper Doll!

Who Woulda Thunk?! Re-Inventing Yourself as a Paper Doll!

In early 2009, I jumped into the social media scene. There a short list of popular sites shared a little cyber space with the World Wide Web.  I posted and shared my day on my Facebook page, tweeted along with Twitter, networked on Linked In and even created my own YouTube channel. It was a time of discovery…BUT NOW…well, I’ve fallen in love!  Reminiscent of playing with Paper Dolls that I’d carefully punch out of the book along with their tabbed outfits;  my, oh my, this little thing called Bitmoji has captured the fun side of cyber space. And that’s ok.

Over the years, I stumbled too…trying to figure out what to talk about and share that was relevant and not too personal.  As the years progressed, it became apparent there were many ways to utilize this newfound marketing mechanism to educate, network and provide information on not only a personal level but also a business level.  I quickly discovered that utilizing a social platform tool that allowed me to type it once and upload to multiple social media sites with a few clicks could save me time, increase my productivity and still stay in front of my audience. Content became more thought provoking and WHOA…it could engage my audience to take action!

Very early on it became apparent it probably wasn’t a very good idea to share everything in one’s daily life for a variety of reasons. Keeping it short and sweet, thanks to a 140 character limit, taught us to be brief and to the point.  It’s still a good idea to follow that thought so you don’t lose your audience as they muddle through page three! Or expect them to still be awake on that six minute video you uploaded. I always find peoples profile pictures fascinating. There’s much one can learn or misinterpret from that simple photo that one uses to identify themselves.

During my discussions on social media in groups or one-on-one consultations, I learned that some people envelope the challenge to learn how to navigate successfully through the maze.  Others try, but either don’t have the time or feel they just aren’t good enough to tackle it properly. By helping to educate others and share insight on the value it presents and the miss-haps that can occur, sometimes it’s just best to let the expert take care of it allowing you to focus on your expertise.

On to some serious play time now with my virtual Paper Doll Bitmoji. Hmm, change my outfit or hair or add some glasses or….just have fun!

Cheers to Balancing YOUR Day!



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